Tu Nidito Finalist for 2015

 Since 2000, Tu Nidito has been honoring mothers in our community who go above and beyond in their efforts to make a difference in the lives of children and families. Some of these women have overcome personal obstacles with serious medical conditions or grief. Others have made a profound impact on children and families in need. They all have one thing in common – they are Remarkable Moms. These special women are role models for their children and our community, and Tu Nidito is honored to recognize and thank them for the positive mark they leave on those around them.

Roberts Naylor had its very own finalist that exemplified all these characteristics:
Born in Nogales, Arizona, Marcella Padres Villaseñor obtained an associate’s degree from Pima Community College and later became a University of Arizona graduate with honors from the College of Education.

In 1999, Marcella and her husband Alfonso were blessed with the news of twins. Not long after, they were told that one of the twins was suffering from Potter’s Syndrome, a condition that causes the kidneys to fail to develop properly. Their twin daughter died when Marcella was 8 months pregnant. Despite the painful loss, Marcella chose to focus on the joy and happiness of the other twin, Alfonso. Marcella’s favorite part of being a mom is seeing her son thrive in life as a caring young man who is not afraid to take risks.

As one who continues to overcome her own challenges, Marcella faced her battle with breast cancer in 2010 with a positive outlook. When family, friends, colleagues and students expressed worry, she would comfort them while maintaining focus on her life-long passion for teaching.

For 18 years, Marcella has taught at Roberts-Naylor K-8 School which is known for its troubled neighborhood. Many of her students have faced challenges that children should not have to face. She tirelessly works to ensure that all of her students make progress academically and emotionally despite their situations. Marcella leads by example and is a true inspiration to all who know her.

We are proud of Marcella Villaseñor as part of TUSD and Roberts Naylor K-8.
Marcella Padres VillaseƱor  

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